The Band Perry are still soaking in the success of their No. 1 hit ‘If I Die Young,’ but that doesn’t mean the trio are showing any signs of slowing down. Kimberly Perry recently caught up with Billboard for a Q&A session, and even though they’ve been busy winning CMA Awards for their chart-topping song, the vocalist said she and her brothers are in full-blown writing mode for album No. 2.

“We are in full force writing for album No. 2 and really excited about the songs that are being born right now,” the eldest Perry sibling said. “We’ve gotten to experience a wide variety of new things over the last two years. One thing that I’m so proud of already is everything rings 100% true. Every line that we’re writing and singing is something that we feel deep down in our gut.”

Perry also shared some details on collaborating with new songwriters for their sophomore album. Although it seems like the Band Perry have no trouble cranking out great songs on their own, the fact that they’re working with Dan Wilson — who co-wrote two songs on Adele‘s critically-acclaimed (and coincidentally sophomore) album ’21′ — doesn’t hurt one little bit.

“Dan Wilson out in L.A., who [co-wrote] the Adele songs ‘Someone Like You’ and ‘Don’t You Remember,’ which is our favorite on ’21,’” Perry said. “I’ve always been a fan of Dan. I had a songwriting crush on him, so our publishing company got in touch with him and he fell in love with ‘If I Die Young.’ We got together and hit it off, so we’re going to go spend some more time with him in December. He’s a great gentle soul and we love writing with him.”

As for the pressure of writing a song as big as ‘If I Die Young’? Ms. Perry said she isn’t worried. “That song had its place and it did what it needed to do,” she explained. “I always feel like songs come to us when we need them to. I don’t know where we’d be without ‘If I Die Young.’ Every artist has to have that point of introduction, and whatever song we need next will come to us when it’s meant to. We’re going to try to stay open and available and keep our ears bent to the wind and see what comes in our direction.”

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