I came across the above image of a vintage postcard for a Gillard's Restaurant in Wichita Falls online recently. Since I hadn't heard of Gillard's, I wondered what the old building was being used for today. Here's what I found:

First opened in 1939, 104 E. Scott is where you would have found Gillard's Famous Restaurant, pictured above. According to the back of the vintage postcard, "a typical Texas welcome awaits you at Gillard's Famous Restaurant." Where you will experience "The choicest of seafoods and excellent steaks. Complete family service - children welcome. Pleasant atmosphere and year round air conditioning." -- Mr. and Mrs. Homer Perkins, Owners and Managers.

Thought of as the classy restaurant in town, Gillard's was the first restaurant to open outside of the downtown area. Shortly after fire destroyed the beloved restaurant in the early 70s, a new eatery opened with a different name and different owners.

Today, if you make your way past 104 E. Scott Street in Wichita Falls you will find The Branding Iron Restaurant & Catering. Originally opened in October of 1974 by Floyd Styles and a Mr. Crouch, The Branding Iron is now owned by Larry Hise. The Branding Iron serves up a variety of home-style Texas barbeque combos, plates and sandwiches and is definitely a favorite among local Wichitans.

It's unclear what kind of shape the building was in after the fire, but for some reason renovations to the building have completely robbed it of character and turned it into a windowless box. Kind of a shame.

If you know anything more about the history of this building please share your knowledge in the comments section below!

Here is a photo of the building as The Branding Iron today:

The Branding Iron Wichita Falls
104 E. Scott St. Wichita Falls, TX - Circa 2012

Here is an overlay animation I made using the then and now photos of the building:

The Branding Iron - Gillard's in Wichita Falls
The Branding Iron - Gillard's in Wichita Falls

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