Are you sure you're giving your sweetheart what they want for Valentine's Day? YouGov did a survey and discovered that ... surprise ... women and men don't want the same things.

OK, that's not all that surprising, but just in case you're still wondering what to give your true love next week here's what they discovered when they surveyed more than 1,300 American adults.

When you're buying something for a woman jewelry and massage or day spa certificates came in at the bottom of their list so save your money. The top three picks were pretty close all pulling down 27 to 30 percent of the respondents saying they'd love it as a gift. Those top three items were: flowers, a card, and at the very top of the list, chocolate.

They weren't all that picky about what kind of chocolate either with anything from Hershey's at the top of the list followed closely by M&M's and Reece's. Snickers and Dove Chocolate round out the top five for the ladies.

When it comes to what the guys want the number five item was electronics, number four was wine/liquor. Chocolate came in third for the guys. A nice card came in second, and as to the top thing that guys want for Valentine's Day ... Well, if you have to ask that you probably don't have a sweetheart to worry about anyway.

You can see the full results from the YouGov survey here.



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