The Texas Rangers are on a bad stretch that hasn't been seen since 1906.

This time of the year, all eyes are on the Texas Rangers. Football season hasn't kicked off yet, hockey is done, basketball is wrapping up. It's all baseball right now and if you're a Rangers fan, it's not pretty. The Texas Rangers have returned from the All Star Break keeping their losing streak going.

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Granted, going into the break they had only lost two straight. Their losing streak is now at six. The reason why the Rangers are getting headlines today is how they're losing. They have been shutout in three straight games. They're being outscored 29-0. The last time something like this happened was in 1906 when the Brooklyn Superbas, were outscored 31-0 between July 6-9. The Superbas would go onto become the Dodgers in case you didn't know. Don't worry, I had to look it up as well.


So let's take a look at this entire six game losing streak. They're being outscored 51-7, that is the worst run differential in Texas Rangers history for a six game span. Probably goes without saying, but that is also the worst in the MLB for this season. The Rangers are in Detroit tonight taking on the Tigers. If they were to get shutout tonight, that would continue the streak and that hasn't been seen since 1900.


"If anyone on this team isn't embarrassed right now, they shouldn't be on the field and they shouldn't be part of our organization right now," Rangers manager Chris Woodward said. "These guys all want to play in the major leagues, but you have to earn that." We will see if the Rangers put up some runs tonight.

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