Some Christmas gifts we love from the moment we open the box. Some Christmas gifts we wonder what the other person was thinking. OnePoll recently surveyed 2,000 adults on behalf of Mixbook to find the worst Christmas gifts they'd ever received.

Opening the top ten worst gifts was a tie between coffee and wine. I'm gonna say that I'd be happy with either of those gifts and might even open them up on the spot.

At number nine was a photo calendar. This can be a tricky one unless you really know the interests of the person you're getting it for. According to the survey it was more miss than hit.

At number eight was a candle. A candle? I've never been given a candle as a gift but I completely understand how it made the list.

Coming in just above a candle was tea, placing seventh on our list.

Number six on the list of bad gifts was hard liquor. Again this one could go either way. If you really, really know the tastes and preferences of the person you're buying for it might be awesome. Otherwise it's probably best to choose something else.

The top five starts with a mug. Yeah, that's not really much of a Christmas gift unless it's one of those fancy new ones that keep your coffee or tea hot for an hour or more. If it's one of those be prepared for a polite thank you when they open it and a delighted THANK YOU when they get around to using it.

Number four on the list of bad gifts is a lotion basket. I'm not big on lotions myself but I suspect that those who are get pretty picky about which ones they use.

Getting down to the top three we find socks. Yup. Been there. Done that. They eventually got used but never really made my best gift list.

Popcorn shows up in second place. The survey didn't indicate whether this was a big bucket of already popped kernels or a selection of microwave popcorn to enjoy later. Either way, not too many people liked it as a Christmas gift.

The number one worst Christmas gift on the survey was ... shower gel. I can see that.

There you have it, the top ten least appreciated Christmas gifts. Buy them for someone you're obligated to buy for but don't really like and save the good gifts for the people that are special in your life.

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