Time to go to infinity and beyond!

Toy Story in my mind is where kids movies changed forever. That movie blew me away when I was seven years old and I'm happy to see Toy Story all these years later is still going strong. If you have a kid that is obsessed with those movies. Time to plan a road trip to El Paso.


The house is entirely Toy Story themed. The living room is the bulk of the decorations. The walls are covered with your favorite characters from all of the movies. The toys themselves are also scattered throughout the house. You can see Mr. Potato Head on the coffee table. While Buzz and Woody are in their boxes in the bedrooms.

My only complaint is that the kitchen is not Pizza Planet themed. They do have a pizza planet hallway, but come on. Pizza Planet needs more love in the house. I do love that one of the smaller bedrooms is modeled after Andy's room. Not perfectly because if it was, toys would be all over the floor.


The three bedroom, two bathroom house is available to rent for $217 a night. Not bad considering all the work put into make the house a cool theme. If I'm ever in the El Paso area, I know where I will be staying. If you want to book a stay or check out more photos, you can do that here.

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