Many people are wondering if the city has a specific day and time for trick-or-treating in Wichita Falls this Halloween.

While the city does not set an official day or time for children to trick-or-treat, they do recommend that those who are planning to go trick-or-treating door-to-door and those who will be at home to hand out candy, that they do so the evening of Halloween, October 31.

The Wichita Falls Police Department suggests a time of 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm for trick-or treating.

Citizens should also consider the following safety suggestions before venturing out on Halloween:


1. Costumes, wigs, trick or treat bags/containers, should be flame retardant or resistant

2. Costumes should be short enough to avoid tripping

3. Reflective material should be on the front and back of the costume

4. Choose makeup over a mask but if using a mask make sure it has eye holes that do not obstruct vision, ear holes that allow for normal hearing and a hole for the mouth to allows for normal breathing

5. Do not carry sharp objects

6. Costumes should fit loosely to allow for freedom of movement

Trick or Treating

1. Adults should always accompany children

2. Trick or treat in groups

3. Establish a return time for children old enough to trick or treat without a parent

4. Plan a route in well-known areas

5. Stay in well-lit areas, do not allow children to take short cuts through alleys, fields…etc.

6. Children should carry flashlights, have reflective material on their costumes and/or use light sticks so they will be seen by motorists

7. Children should only knock on the door of a house that has lights on

8. Never enter the house of a stranger

9. Never enter the vehicle of a stranger

10. Observe all traffic signs and laws

11. Stay on the sidewalk

12. Walk; do not run from place to place especially when crossing the street, do not cross the street between parked cars

13. Carry a cell phone

14. Do not eat treats until home and inspected by an adult

15. Report any suspicious activity to the Police Department


1. Drive slow, very slow, with lights and flashers on if in a neighborhood with trick or treaters

2. Watch carefully for children crossing the street between cars and from obstructed areas

Once Home

1. Inspect all candy for signs of tampering: small holes, re-wrapping or torn packaging

2. Throw out any suspicious candy

3. Homemade goodies should only be consumed if given by friends or relatives

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