I love a good parody song and a song that has some fun with Taylor Swift is even better.

There seems to be a sea shanty craze going on right now and the United States Navy Band decided to jump in with both feet. After all, if anyone know about sea shanties it's sailors, right?

Rather than take an old shanty and make it new, they decided to take that brainworm Taylor Swift song, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, and give it the Navy sea shanty treatment. After all, these men and women of the sea were very much into this kind of music before it was cool.

According to Wikipedia, sea shanties were historically songs that the sailors sang to keep everyone moving in synchronization as they were doing rhythmic tasks. Hence the percussive rhythm patterns and call and response vocals. More recently it's become the category for any type of maritime work song in general. More more recently it's become a social media craze.

The result is the U.S. Navy Band's rendition of a Taylor Swift tune we've heard way too often.

I think I like their version better than the original.

Well played, sailors. Well played indeed.

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