The video below is a recording from a front porch camera at a home in Southlake, Texas, just down the road from Dallas.

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Getting your stuff stolen off of your front porch sucks. That's one of the reasons why so many people now have front and back door cameras.

For some reason, the devastation of losing a package would just seem a little less harsh if the thief turned out to be a cute little animal.


Caught in the Act

The homeowners, curious about the disappearing packages, decided to take a look at their surveillance camera footage. Little did they know, they were about to capture the world's most adorable thief in action. The video footage shows an opossum scurrying away with the package, seemingly on a mission to collect all the neighborhood goodies.

Stolen Our Hearts as Well

So, there you have it – the Texas porch package thief unmasked, and it turns out it's not a hardened criminal but a cute opossum with a penchant for porch snacks. As the internet continues to buzz about this unexpected turn of events, one thing is for sure: this little opossum has stolen our hearts along with those packages


Check out the video below:

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