Breathtaking Texas Panhandle Supercell Video

Twitter user Erin posted the gorgeous video at the bottom of this article earlier this week.

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Normal news won't suffice for this beauty, so we went with a nurse rhyme again. Enjoy!


In the Texas Panhandle, high up in the sky,
A supersonic storm formed, majestic and high.
With dark swirling clouds, it began to unfurl,
A breathtaking supercell, a twister's own swirl.

The video showed nature's powerful dance,
As the storm clouds gathered, they took a chance.
Rain poured down like a shimmering cascade,
Lightning bolts cracked, a brilliant parade.



The funnel spun round, a twister took shape,
Sweeping across fields with a mighty scrape.
But fear not, my friends, for we're safe and sound,
Watching from afar, on solid ground.

As the storm moved on, it left behind,
A landscape refreshed, by rain, oh so kind.
The supersonic power had its own way,
But now we can marvel at a sunny day.


So let's remember this marvelous sight,
The Texas Panhandle Supercell's might.
Nature's wonders remind us to see,
The beauty in storms, wild and free.

Now, my dear friends, our rhyme has come to an end,
But the memories of this storm, they will never bend.
The Texas Panhandle Supercell, forever it shall be,
A breathtaking wonder for all to see.  


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