Want a cool day trip? Go check out the lovely town of Chickasha, Oklahoma.

This past weekend I decided to do a small road trip up to Chickasha, Oklahoma. Mainly because I wanted to see 'Godzilla VS Kong' at the Chief Drive In up there. If you don't mind the hour and a half drive after a double feature. I think it's worth the trip from Wichita Falls.

By the way, go see 'Godzilla VS Kong'. All the critics hating on this movie are insane. They say it's monsters fighting for two hours. Yeah, that's what I want. It's called 'Godzilla VS Kong'. That would be like me writing a review of 'High School Musical' and saying why do all these high school kids keep breaking into songs. The movie is delivering what it promises.

So before I went to the Chief Drive In, I decided to stop by the local brewery in Chickasha, Canadian River Brewing Company. If you're a beer drinker, it is a definite must stop if you visit the area. They have a great selection of different beers and everything in their taproom is from their brewery.

On Saturday I decided to get a flight, that way I could try a big selection of their beers. OK, maybe I got two flights. I tried the Rock Island Depot, Cherokee Sunrise, and Groundhogs Shadow to name a few. They also had a seltzer there, which I don't see a lot of breweries doing, but they said they like giving people options in case you don't like beer.

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They also have their own root beer on tap if you have someone who doesn't drink alcohol. They have a small selection of food available like brisket sandwiches and sausage platters. I didn't eat anything there because I was saving room for the drive in, but it did look good.

Plus, they had that Rock Island Depot beer at $5 for a six pack, so I took some of those for me back here in Wichita Falls. All in all, a very cool brewery. If you're in Chickasha, go check it out in there downtown at 121 West Chickasha Avenue.

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