Even as coronavirus updates dominate the news, life continues to go on for most of us. Whether we're working from home, staying home watching the kids, or going about life more or less as usual, some things still need to happen. The work that CASA of Red River does is one of those things and they remind you that April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and encourage everyone to wear blue on April 1st.

When a child is placed in a foster home, it's because the home they had been living in is no longer safe. The volunteers from CASA of Red River are thoroughly screened and highly trained before a judge places a child in their care as a Court Appointed Special Advocate. In that role these volunteers function as the eyes and ears of the judge in cases involving abused or neglected children. The special people who volunteer with CASA bring three critical qualities to their job: they focus on just one case at a time, they provide a unique perspective to the case, and their sole objective is representing the best interest of the child.

CASA of Red River is part of a national CASA movement that began in Seattle in 1977 and serves abused and neglected children in Wichita, Archer, Clay, and Montague counties in North Texas.

It takes a very special person to become a Court Appointed Special Advocate with CASA, but everyone can support what they do for the most vulnerable people in our community, our children.

Image Courtesy CASA of Red River
Image Courtesy CASA of Red River

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and April 1st is CASA's Go Blue Day in Wichita Falls so find your favorite blue clothing and wear it proudly.

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