Back in March of 2020, the Downtown Saint Patrick's Day Festival was one of the first official events to fall victim to the then-new COVID-19 pandemic. Fast forward to March of 2021 and there will still be no official Downtown Saint Patrick's Day Festival put on by the city.

But don't put away all of your green clothing items just yet, there will be a party downtown for Saint Patrick's Day.

Gypsy Kit via Facebook
Gypsy Kit via Facebook

A couple of the downtown businesses, Gypsy Kit and the Broken Tap in particular, got together to host another downtown Block Party to celebrate St. Patrick's Day this Saturday evening. These downtown block parties have proven to be quite popular and a fun way to get together with your friends in an outdoor setting and still spread out and keep an appropriate distance between people.

While not on the scale of what we've grown accustomed to from Downtown Wichita Falls Development, this will be a party of epic proportions with live music from Bailey Road and Everything In Between, food, beer tents, and more. As excited as we are to hear some live music again, the bands are even more stoked to be performing. Look what the band Everything In Between is telling us on Facebook.

We keep getting asked when we will be playing again. THIS IS IT!!
Saturday March 13th we'll be rocking out on 8th and Indiana for a block party of epic proportions! Bring your lawn chairs, bring your kids, bring your Auntie Edna that has been hiding in her home the past year, BRING THE FUN! The party kicks off at 4 and will go till around 11. We're excited to see you there!!
Bring your friends and your lawn chairs, the Block Party will start about 4:00 Saturday afternoon (03.13.21) at the corner of 8th and Indiana, and wrap up around 11:00 Saturday night. Just be sure to wear something green.
Kudos to the downtown businesses giving us fun events to attend as we make our way through the ongoing pandemic. And we're all looking forward to the next big event from Downtown Wichita Falls Development, whatever and whenever that may be.

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