Want to experience a concert unlike anywhere else in the state? Go check this place out.

Ever Heard of Natural Bridge Caverns?

Apparently back in 1960 some students discovered some caverns underneath someone's property here in San Antonio, Texas. For decades, it has become a cool attraction for Texans to check it out. It takes about an hour to walk through everything and apparently to get out they use something called the B.A.T. (Belt Assisted Transport). So you don't actually have to hike back up the cavern, you can check that out below.

They Offer a Lot Throughout The Year, Including Yoga in the Cavern

Want to stretch it out in the largest cavern in Texas? You can do that here. They just started doing something new this past week. Concerts!

Concert Below Ground

That's right, you could enjoy some live music in this place. The caverns have announced two more shows for this year, but I think the more word gets out about this. I think a lot of artists would want to perform here. I just think it would be a cool experience for everybody.

September 14th Alex Meixner Will Play at Natural Bridge Caverns

If we're having polka bands in the cavern might a suggest Gus Polinski the Polka King of the Midwest, he's very big in Sheboygan. (Please note if you get this reference, you deserve a cookie today).

October 5th Topo Chico Cowboys to Play Natural Bridge Caverns

I guess Topo Chico is cool with these guys using their name. Technically their name is Small Mole Cowboys in English. I learned that the water is named after the small mole shaped hill the water is sourced from.

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I am sure more concerts will be coming, but if you're looking a cool music experience in Texas. Doesn't get much weirder than this.

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