I’ll never understand why some people believe that it’s okay to steal other people’s personal property.

Last Friday, while stopping by Uptown Nutrition, off of Kemp, for a quick drink, Tom Horn’s bike was stolen. This was devastating news for him. Not only is Tom an avid cyclist, but he uses his bicycle as his primary mode of transportation to get around town, and to his job at All American Super Car Wash.

Upon hearing this news, Tom’s family and friends immediately started helping him locate his stolen bike. While many went to social media to ask for help in the matter, one man decided to take a different approach, which turned out to be an enormous success.

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Corey French, one of Tom’s close friends, created a Go Fund Me page to help raise money to replace Tom’s stolen bicycle. As soon as the page was published, family and friends immediately shared the link to the page. Even Wichita Falls Mayor Stephen Santella promoted the page on his Facebook account. The response from the Wichita Falls community was overwhelming, and according to Texoma’s Homepage, exceeded it’s $1,250 goal within it’s first two hours of being published. At the time of this writing, the page has raised over $5,000 for Tom. You can view the Go Fund Me page, and even contribute yourself by clicking here.

While it’s unfortunate that Tom’s bike was stolen, it’s good to know that he was able to buy a brand-new bicycle to replace the one that was stolen from him. I also find it encouraging that the Wichita Falls community was so eager to come together help this man, overcome a devastating loss.

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