Just like every other event in 2020, the Walk to End Alzheimer's takes a different course this year. Rather than gathering everyone together for one big event they're doing it virtually anywhere and everywhere.

Alzheimer's Disease is brutal to both the patient and those who love them. Those with the disease know there's something going on but can't figure out what it is, and those who know them see their friend or family member slowly slipping away even though they're sitting just across the table. Funds raised by these annual walks help to find a cure.

Each year, those who care get together to walk and raise funds. Usually it's at a local walking track with everyone participating together, but due to COVID-19 concerns this year's event can be held wherever you want it to be.

Walk to End Alzheimer's - Wichita Falls via Facebook
Walk to End Alzheimer's - Wichita Falls via Facebook

The Walk to End Alzheimer's - Wichita Falls event page invites you to walk this Saturday (09.26.20) in a small team made up of family, friends, or just others in your community in hopes of finding a cure for Alzheimer's and other dementia causing diseases. Walk around your block, go down to Lucy Park and enjoy the open spaces, explore the Circle Trail, your options are limited only by your imagination.

You can register for this year's event or make a donation online, contact Patty Taylor at ptaylor@alz.org or call 940-222-5801 with any questions you may have.

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