It's always best to be prepared and just in case classes go back to fully remote learning. The WFISD wants to be sure their students are prepared.

The local school board approved a purchasing agreement with Omnia Partners Tuesday to purchase 2,800 Chromebooks and 1,800 MiFi WiFi systems. The good thing is that the district will get them for half price thanks to the federal CARES Act funds. So why this number of devices because it is definitely not the amount of kids in the district.

Superintendent Michael Kuhrt told KFDX the number of devices they’re buying is based on who got physical work packets in the spring because of a lack of internet service. “There could be big spikes after Christmas, after Spring Break, things like that where we could have extended periods of the need to go remote district-wide and as soon as we get these MiFis, for the most part, will take care of us for the most part,” Kuhrt said.

Also remember parents, as of right now ,the WFISD is giving you the option on what you want your students to do. You can do in classroom learning or remote learning. The WFISD should have alerted you to this and you're expected to make your decision by the 7th. More info on the WFISD upcoming school year can be found here.

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