In the movie Crazy Heart, Jeff Bridges played a down and out country singer named Bad Blake, earning himself an Oscar for Best Actor in the process. While we most often think of Jeff as an actor (We've seen him lately in Tron: Legacy and True Grit), it turns out he's had a lifelong attraction to music as well.

As they were putting the songs together for the movie, Jeff and some others realized they had a lot more material than they needed, so ... Enter Jeff Bridges the country singer with a brand new album by way of Blue Note Records.

Typical Jeff Bridges, his new album is not the glossy, super produced country music that some bands put out. In fact, some of the tracks on the set were recorded with all of the musicians in one room, feeding off each other for motivation, inspiration and energy, taking the second or even first time through as the final cut.

I find that a very refreshing way to create and record country music.

Here's What A Little Bit Of Love Can Do, the first single from Jeff's self titled CD.



They called in some pretty heavy hitters to put this CD together. T-Bone Burnett as producer, Roseanne Cash as backup singer, Ryan Bingham (another contributor to the Crazy Heart soundtrack), songs written by Stephen Bruton and a number of other notable artists in the music industry.



What do you think? Can Jeff Bridges stand as a singer and musician in addition to being an actor?

I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of the CD!

Dave D.




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