The Big Game is this week and if you're preparing a party, what are you gonna be having?

Thanks to Delish, we can see what everyone is cooking up on Sunday for the big game. This is the most searched Super Bowl recipes on their site. Turns out here in Texas, we have a bit of a sweet tooth. Looks like a lot of people are planning on making some Football Cupcakes for the big game. I actually don't see any on their site but check out the recipe for this amazing Oreo Cheesecake Football.

Looks like Oklahoma doesn't want the sweets, they want some good old-fashioned Mac and Cheese. I am partial to wings on Super Bowl Sunday, but I wouldn't complain about some Mac and Cheese. This is not just some Kraft Mac and Cheese and just mix all the ingredients in the box. This is Baked and Mac and Cheese.

I will not be tuning into the Super Bowl this year. Cowboys aren't playing, so I am not watching. I have a dilemma though. Do I want the Patriots to win or the Eagles? If the Patriots win, that gives them six Super Bowls, which would be more than the Cowboys. However, as a Cowboys fan, I never want the Eagles to win a thing as long as I am alive. Yeah, no way in hell I will ever root for the Eagles. Die Eagles Die, on the road to misery.

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