It will look like a Whataburger from the outside, but inside...well you're not welcome inside.

Ever Heard of a Digital Kitchen?

Over the past few years you might have heard of a ghost kitchen. Where a company pays another restaurant to cook their food for them. These items are typically only available online only and both companies take a cut of the profits. A digital kitchen is where you can still go to the restaurant, but not interact with any employees. That is what Whataburger plans to open up in Texas this year.

This is What it Looks Like

Looks like a standard Whataburger, clearly smaller. That is because it has no dining room. The only thing inside is a kitchen. Customers will be able to place online orders and come pick them up from 'food lockers'. You will get a code to unlock the locker when your food is ready.

No Drive Thru

Once again, no employee interaction. So someone will not be waiting to take your order. Everything must be done online or through the Whataburger app if you plan on using the 'drive-thru'. Which they're calling a 'digital pick up lane'. You can place your order online and then let them know once you're in line to start making your food.

Any Walkups Allowed?

If you just happen to drive by and want some food. The restaurant will have two kiosks located at the front of the building. Customers can build their order there and the food will go into one of the food lockers mentioned above.

Where is This Digital Kitchen Opening Up At?

Our friends over in Austin will be able to take advantage of this new concept at 3201 Bee Caves Road. The restaurant is currently hiring and is expected to open very soon.

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