It was one of those good news, bad news situations. The good news is that the remnants of my Halloween candy have all been eaten. The bad news is that I ate it all myself.

The even worse news was that while I was straightening up the house I discovered where I'd hidden some chocolates away for a rainy day. It turns out I'm not the only one who does that. A new OnePoll study published by Yahoo News revealed that a full 59% percent of us admitted to secretly stashing treats away for ourselves.

Most were hiding them from spouses and children, while some said they hid it away just so they could have that moment of quiet and peace when they finally did sneak a piece.

Some of the top hiding places were over the refrigerator, in their closet, in their desk at work, in their car (not a good idea for chocolates in the summer in Texas) or in a high cabinet to keep the children out.

My recently rediscovered stash is a packet of Dutch chocolates that I bought last summer and have been saving for a special occasion. Maybe my next trip to a dinner stage production Backdoor Theatre. Don't worry, if you're at my table I'll be happy to share.

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