Alright I need to go on another useless rant, but I really don't get this.

So this past Saturday I was driving around Wichita Falls and I turned onto McNeil Avenue off of Kell. I'm going up the road towards Call Field Road and the road is kinda backed up. I thought, dang must be an accident. I then notice why everyone is stopping. We have a new traffic light going in. Looks like we will have a new access point from McNeil going into Maplewood Avenue.

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Once this road opens up, it will be a nice way to get to the Walmart off of Lawrence Road and I'm sure the folks that live in The Reserves apartments will love to have another road to access their residence. Here's the thing though, this road is not open. The intersection is acting like this road is done and is forcing us to stop. I took a photo of it the next day when no traffic was on the road early Sunday morning.


You can not turn left, you can not turn right, you can only go straight. So why am I stopping here?! I don't know why this angered me, but seriously why are we forcing folks to stop if the road is not finished? Shouldn't this be a blinking yellow? Maybe put up a sign saying that this traffic light will be live on a certain date once the road is done?

I don't know the answer, but I just don't get why this stop is happening when their is literally no where for you turn. We're just all stopping in the middle of the street for no reason and my road rage turned up slightly this weekend for a dumb reason.

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