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One MLB Player is taking notice of a little Wichita Falls company and if you're a baseball fan you know this guy. 

Xylo Wood Bats right here in Wichita Falls was started by Leland Wetzel. A few years ago he was making a bat for his nephew's birthday and then he got a passion for it. Two years later in 2014, he opened up Xylo Bats. Since that time he has made 500 custom bats.

Xylo has caught the attention of All-Star first baseman for the Minnesota Twins, Joe Mauer. Joe contacted them about using the bats. However, the league has a strict approval process for bats. Leland told KAUZ he hopes the bats will be ready to go by 2018.

Somehow, things got even better for the company. They were announced as finalists for the Chip Starter Contest. Which is where Chip Gaines from the show 'Fixer Upper' helps out people with their dreams with a $25,000 grand prize. Xylo Bats is one of six finalists.

"I just put my hands over my head and started crying pretty hard," said Wetzel. He said he plans on using the cash to help make his MLB certified dream come true. The next step is recruiting MLB players to use Xylo Bats.

He would love for ten players to use them and hopes to have five organizations on board in the league to purchase them for their minor league teams. He plans on keeping the business here in Wichita Falls. His goal for next year is to have at least 2,000 bats made.

Best of luck Leland. I'm hoping I can get my Baltimore Orioles to help you out with that minor league contract deal.

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