The Wichita Falls City council voted Tuesday morning to award a five-year city towing contract to Mike's Towing Service.

The current towing contract with Big Daddy's Wrecker Service, owned by Jody Wade Enterprises, expires at the end of March.

Jody Wade mentioned during the council meeting that no matter who has the contract, they will have to deal with many "Facebook rants" as he and his company have. He also asked the council for forgiveness for his past mistakes. Wade was arrested on DWI and weapons charges in November of last year.

"I have made a mistake, I have made a bad choice, and I ask for forgiveness from you," Wade said. "I would not want to do anything that would put a black eye on this city."

Mike Freeman, Owner of Mike's Towing Service, talked about his growing business and their ability to meet all of the city's towing needs. "I do run my business with integrity. I built it that way," Freeman said. "I believe we're up to the challenge."

Wichita Falls Police Chief Manuel Borrego noted that it will take some time to get Mike's Towing Service up to speed, and that going with a new company is a risk, but it's one that he's willing to take again, just like he did with Wade. "I think we can get him [Mike] successful and we can make sure we have what we need... we'll make it happen." Chief Borrego told the council.

After hearing from representatives of both companies and members of the community, the city council voted unanimously to give the contract to Mike's Towing, citing the morals of both company owners.

Watch the City Council Meeting (cued up to the towing contract agenda item) below:

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