This is awesome and the best part is a taste test coming up next week.

What was the worst part of those school lunches? This is what is served and if you don't like, you don't have lunch that day. The Wichita Falls ISD will be trying something new soon and will be one of 150 counties throughout the country trying it out. TRN is reporting a new 'Student Choice' program will be starting soon at three of our area high schools.

The first two new food options that could go on the school's menu sound really tasty. They're a Bok Choy and Roost options. The Roost menu will be a Classic Chicken Sandwich with choice of Nashville Hot Sauce or Honey Mustard. The Bok Choy option will be Teriyaki Chicken over Fried Rice with Sweet & Spicy Green Beans. If I know high school students, I think the Roost option will win. I haven't tried the food, but that's just a guess.

The upcoming taste tests will be happening at Hirschi on April 1, Wichita Falls High School April 2 and Rider High School April 3. Whichever options get the most votes will be incorporated into the everyday menu. I like this and I hope more schools try it out. Let the kids decide what they want and maybe try out some new stuff every couple months.


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