I gotta admit – I love it when anything on television hits close to home. Maybe not so much the negative stuff, but you have to take the good with the bad.

This little ole city of ours has been mentioned a grand total of six times on “America’s Favorite Quiz Show.” I can see how people from outside of this area would struggle with some of the questions, but if you’re from here and over about the age of thirty, I’ll bet a dollar to a donut you know the answer to every one of these.

So, suck it Trebek.

Answer: Who is Larry McMurtry

Note: Larry McMurtry was actually born in Archer City

Answer: Larry McMurtry


Answer: Texas


Answer: Texas


Answer: Tornado

According to the National Weather Service, Jeopardy got this one wrong also. There is no tornado on record in Wichita Falls in 1925. The only tornado in Wichita Falls that it could have been at the time occurred on April 3, 1964.


Answer: Wichita Falls

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