Just like in Mario Kart, those bananas will always get you.

We learned from 'Mythbusters' that banana peels can actually make you slip and fall. Right here in Wichita Falls, we learned that a box of bananas can cause you to slip and fall as well.

Thomas Benda went into the Braums on Kemp Boulevard for a job interview.

According to the lawsuit obtained by TRN, a case of bananas was on the floor at the restaurant and Thomas tripped over the box causing him to fall and break his shoulder from the impact. He claims the injury also caused "anxiety, pain, and illness."

Thomas is not messing around with this lawsuit. He is seeking "past and future damages for reasonable medical care and expenses; physical pain and suffering; mental anguish; loss of earnings; and loss of household services."

He is suing for more than $200,000 but less than $1 million. Thomas called the box of bananas "a dangerous condition" inside of the store. The argument is that the employees were negligent and they failed to warn Mr. Benda about the box on the floor before tripping.

This is a very weird lawsuit and I can't wait to see the outcome. Also, if someone at Braums could get back to me about if they were planning to hire Thomas before this dangerous box of bananas caused an accident. Just curious if he got the job or not.

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