The results are in and according to SmartAsset Wichita Falls is the best city in the United States for working parents.

The study looked at the 600 largest cities in the United States and considered areas like the median cost of housing compared to the median household income, average commute time, violent crime rate, high school graduation rate, annual childcare costs, and more in coming to their conclusions.

Ames, Iowa; Oshkosh, Wisconsin; Bowling Green, Kentucky; and Jonesboro, Arkansas, rounded out the top five.

A total of fifteen Texas cities made the top 50 list, with Edinburg,  Mission, Laredo, and Brownsville also making it into the top ten.

According to the SmartAsset researchers, Wichita Falls placed in the top five in eight of the categories considered: high school graduation rate, median annual housing costs, percentage of the labor force working 50 weeks or more per year, average commute time, and average annual childcare costs.

Wichita Falls was among five of this year's top ten cities that had also been in the top ten last year.

Bureau of Labor Statistics data indicates that there are more than 33 million families in the United States with at least one child under the age of 18 and 91% of them have at least one parent working. When you look at just the married couples with children that number climbs to 97% with one working and 63% with both parents employed. That makes this distinction a very good thing for the future of Wichita Falls.

You can see the full list and methodology used in this study on the SmartAsset website.

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