If you don't want your kids to have candy or you get too much. You can do this so they can still take part in the fun of Halloween.

Heetland & Heetland Orthodontics here in Wichita Falls are doing their candy buyback once again. This is all you have to do. Go Trick or Treating like you would normally do with your kids. If you have any candy you want to give away, just bring it to Heetland & Heetland Orthodontics at 2211 Midwestern Parkway Suite 1.

The candy buyback will be happening Thursday, November 1 10 am- 6 pm and Friday, November 2 from 10 am - 1 pm. For every pound of candy you donate, they will give you a dollar. You can bring up to five pounds of candy. They will be sending the candy to troops overseas. You can get more info on their Facebook page.

I know some people do not allow their kids to have candy. This is a way you can still take part in the fun of Halloween like dressing up and trick or treating. Then you and your kid can donate the candy to the troops. Please don't let your kids miss out on the fun of Halloween and you can make a little bit of cash.

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