It seems like 99.9% of news is bad news, so here’s some good news to start your weekend off.

We reported back in May that the WFPD had seen an increase in vehicle burglaries – none of which showed signs of forced entry. Between May 7th and 20th, a total of 45 vehicles were broken into and 12 firearms were stolen.

Apparently getting the word out helped as the Police Department revealed a 64% decrease in vehicle burglaries. Between July 16th and 29th, a total of 16 vehicles were entered into with 2 firearms being stolen. As was the case in May, none of the vehicles showed signs of forced entry.

In most cases, burglars won’t attempt to enter a locked car. Instead, they typically leave locked cars alone and search for an easier target. Be sure to always lock your car and never leave an unsecured weapon in your vehicle.

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