The Wichita Falls police jurisdiction now stretches into the virtual world of Los Santos.

Keep Scrolling to Check Out the Wichita Falls Police in Grand Theft Auto V

So I was scrolling through YouTube and stumbled upon some guy playing Grand Theft Auto and it had Wichita Falls in the title. I assumed, it was just someone here playing the game. No, this person modded the Wichita Falls police into the game and it actually looks really cool. So let's check it out.

First Off, The Uniform


This is probably the best shot of the uniform. Wichita Falls police wear a pretty standard black uniform, you can see the Wichita Falls patch on the shoulder of the character above.

Wichita Falls Police SUV

attachment-Screenshot 2023-09-19 110124

Pretty crazy to see the vehicle I attempt to avoid getting speeding tickets from, chilling in Los Santos.

attachment-Screenshot 2023-09-19 110323

Yup, that is definitely a Wichita Falls police SUV right there.

Wichita Falls Police Cruiser

attachment-Screenshot 2023-09-19 110541

When you need a little more speed. You bust out this bad boy.

Side Profile of Wichita Falls Police Cruiser

wichita falls

Get the lights going, show this thing off and let's get to work.

Wichita Falls Police Stop an Armed Suspect

attachment-Screenshot 2023-09-19 110948

All in a day's work for the Wichita Falls police. Stopping an armed suspect with a knife.

Wichita County Sheriff's Office in Grand Theft Auto

attachment-Screenshot 2023-09-19 112156

If you want to watch the full video it has other police chases and things like that. The end of the video has all the vehicles this guy modded in. Including the cruiser the Wichita County Sheriff's Office uses, including the "In God We Trust" message on the back.

Check Out the Full Grand Theft Auto Wichita Falls Video Below

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