So a dude decided to go for an unauthorized shopping spree earlier today at Atwoods.

According to the WFPD Facebook Page, a Hispanic male walked into the store and filled a shopping cart with merchandise and then took off running without paying for it.

You would think at this point, the guy would be headed toward some sort of running van or pickup in which he and an accomplice could quickly load up and then speed away, but you'd be wrong.

Ole boy ran out to the parking lot and then hitched the shopping cart to his blue Kawasaki MOTORCYCLE using a bungee cord, which worked out about like you would expect. As soon as he tried to drive off, the shopping cart tipped over and when he got off the bike to fix it, the bike fell over.

After he got back on the motorcycle, he couldn't get it started, so he then began pushing the bike (with shopping cart in tow) down the US-287 access road toward Adrian St.

He did finally get the bike started, but had to leave most of the merchandise behind. After all that tomfoolery, the suspect got away with two Milwaukee drills.

If you have any information about this suspect or this crime, please call the WFPD at 940-761-7762 or Crime Stoppers at 940-322-9888. When calling, please reference case #15-120375.