Come on, man. It should be one of the first rules of being a criminal. If you are going to have a getaway car, make sure that it is able to get away! A Wichita Falls man was arrested after police ended up stopping to help him get his broken pickup truck running again.

According to KFDX, police responded to a break-in at Harbor Freight. When they got there, they found shattered glass at the front door and several things missing, including multiple air compressors.

About 30 minutes later, Wichita Country Deputies stopped near 9th and Kemp to help a man with his stalled out truck. The man was Jamey Don McGaugh. The officers noticed at the time that he had a cut on his thumb and had a bunch of air compressors in the back of the truck, but they hadn't heard about the burglary yet. They ended up leaving the man to work on his truck.

It was two hours later when they heard about the Harbor Freight robbery and thought the two things might be related. They went back to 9th and Kemp where the truck (with the air compressors still in it) was still parked.

The suspect was not there, but using fingerprints they were able to identify the driver as McGaugh. They were able to track him down and arrest him for burglary of a building and theft of a vehicle.