A student's assignment from the WFISD Career Education Center has gained national attention for his ingenious use of a Marvel loophole.

Jeff Davis put forth the assignment where his students had to embody a Marvel character when writing a resume and cover letter. One of Davis' students took the assignment to legendary status (or maybe we should say "Guardian Status") when he selected the one Marvel character with a highly limited vocabulary,

Davis posted the assignment to Facebook, which quickly blew up with 17,000 shares, 11,000 likes and 7,200 comments within the first day, with the totals at 133,000 shares, 114,000 reactions and 46,000 comments as of this morning. Davis also posted on Twitter that he heard the pictures were discussed during a radio show on a station in Fargo, North Dakota.

Many of the responses to Twitter praised the student's creativity, but also wanting to know if Davis gave him an A on the assignment. Davis let everyone know that the student did receive a 95 and a 100 for the two assignments. He also mentioned that another student was creative with his assignment, embodying the blind crime-fighter Daredevil, and submitting the resume in both text and braille.

Speaking on how the post went viral, Davis told Times Record News,

I think that it going viral is something that is pretty cool. Some friends of mine that live in other states have told me how they heard about it on the news and how it seems kind of surreal to know someone that was a part of something so popular.

Davis shared the assignment with several celebrities on Twitter like Ellen Degeneres and the cast of the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' films, so there's no telling how far this story will go.

I am groot resume
Groot Resume assignment by Wichita Falls, Texas student (Jeffrey Scott Davis via Facebook)

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