What would you be willing to do for some french toast sticks?

I'm not gonna lie, french toast is probably my favorite breakfast item of all time. Who doesn't love french toast? French toast sticks, also delicious. Eat them on the go with some great dipping syrup. You know who else loves french toast sticks?

According to an undercover police officer with the Wichita Falls police department, Kaylee Ryder. It looks like the Wichita Falls police department was doing a prostitution sting in March. It looks like the undercover officer was going the exchange online and the negotiation was pretty simple. $70 and an order of french toast sticks. No word on which fast food restaurant the officer went to. Me personally, Burger King has really good french toast sticks.

The officer picked up Kaylee to take her to a parking lot to complete the deal. When they pulled up, other officers were pulling over the undercover for a 'traffic violation'. The officers told Kaylee he was being arrested for a warrant for a traffic ticket. They interviewed her about another investigation and did not arrest her then for the prostitution charge because the jail was in the process of changing booking procedures on some offenses due to COVID-19.

Kaylee has now been officially charged with prostitution for the incident back in March.

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