This woman is already on probation for injury to a child and it looks like she is involving kids in a crime again.

Back on October 9th, Nicole Simmons went into her probation office to do her regular drug test. A sheriff’s deputy noticed Nicole was carrying a small plastic bottle and questioned her about it. She apparently admitted to the deputy that it was her daughter's urine and she was trying to avoid a positive test.

Simmons is currently on a five year probation until 2023 for an incident involving one of her daughters where she allegedly attacked her for taking too long to get ready for school back in 2018. No word on if this is daughter that gave the urine to her mom for the drug test. According to KFDX, Simmons has at least two daughters that are mentioned in the 2018 arrest.

Simmons has been charged with falsification of a drug test.

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