A Wichita Falls woman is reportedly suing the United States government for a nacho cheese related injury that ultimately required surgery.

Jennifer Lindahl is asking a federal judge for $95,000 "for her injuries, damages, and losses" that occurred as a result of an employee at South Lanes Bowling Center on Sheppard Air Force Base accidentally spilling hot nacho cheese on one of her fingers back in September of 2015, according to the lawsuit obtained by TRN.

Lindahl claims "the cheese was so hot that it immediately caused burning," and when a bowling alley employee wiped the cheese off with a rag, the skin on her injured finger came off too.

The lawsuit claims Lindahl was treated at United Regional Hospital for her burn, but it just got worse requiring more doctor visits, physical therapy and eventually surgery.

As a result of the injury, Lindahl was unable to use her hand as she normally would, causing her to eventually lose her job, the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit goes on to state that the United States government was "careless, reckless and negligent" as they failed to keep the nacho cheese at an appropriate temperature; failed to keep the nacho cheese from touching Lindahl; failed to pour the cheese on the nachos in such a manner to avoid the incident; failed "to take proper evasive maneuvers" to prevent the incident; failed to adequately train the employee on proper food temperatures and handling; failed to exercise due diligence and proper care.

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