Cats. Unless you have a rodent problem and live on a farm they're useless creatures for the most part. That being said, they are entertaining. Especially when caught by surprise.

This young man had a problem with his cat jumping up onto the kitchen counters and heard that placing tinfoil along the top of the counter would deter the cat. So he tried it. With hilarious results.

Wow! That cat bounced away like it just hit a force field or something!

While the tinfoil minefield may have worked on this cat, it's not 100% foolproof as this video shows.

While no cats were harmed in the making of either of those videos, the Humane Society does have some other, less spectacular ways of attempting to control your cat.

They recommend making your counters less rewarding by not leaving anything for your cat to play with. Sure, that's going to work well as I've yet to find much of anything that a cat won't play with. The Humane Society also says it's sometimes best to confine your cat during meals if it won't stay where it belongs. Other tips include rewarding appropriate activities and, especially with cats, choosing your battles.


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