It's a sure sign that things are beginning to find their way back to normal when Billy Bob's Texas has reopened and starts scheduling concerts.

It's an even better sign when we have tickets to give you! Just message us from the mobile app for your chance to win.

Mike Ryan will be at Billy Bob's Texas this Friday and Saturday night (October 9th and 10th) to do a show that was originally scheduled for last July.

In addition to his success in Texas Radio, Mike co-wrote Last Time For Everything which was a big hit for Brad Paisley, so Brad turned around and returned the favor by adding some lead guitar licks to Mike's tune, The Rewrite.

We've got tickets to see Mike Ryan this weekend at Billy Bob's Texas, the world's largest honky tonk, in Fort Worth. While they last you can choose from Friday or Saturday night's show.

While Billy Bob's Texas is open again, they are doing things a bit differently with new safe and clean protocols in this new world of COVID-19 pandemics, so expect it to take just a little longer to get in the door.

Mike's show will be on the main stage at 10 each evening and the doors open at 6:00 p.m.

If you want a shot at tickets to see Mike Ryan at Billy Bob's Texas this weekend just message us from the mobile app. You'll get an automated reply that we got your message first. Then, if you're selected to win tickets you'll get another reply from us later. Check the alerts on your app from time to time to see if you're a winner.

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