This kid picked the wrong apartment to break into.

On Sunday, 18-year-old Wilberto Zapata of Fresno, California was apparently so drunk that when he got home to his apartment complex, he was confused about which apartment was his. He went to the apartment he thought was his and the door was locked.

After breaking in, Zapata still didn't realize it was the wrong apartment, and went to the bathroom to get ready for bed.

Unfortunately for him, the apartment belonged to Karate champ 20-year-old Jannine Ramirez. She wasn't home at the time because she was out winning a Karate tournament.

When Ramirez came home, she heard noises in her bathroom, busted in and unleashed a fury of Karate kicks and chops on Wilberto. She ended up beating his drunk butt all the way outside.

He was arrested for unlawful entry. He didn't go to the hospital, but he did tell the cops he was surprised how hard she'd kicked him.