There's a story in the New York Post about a guy who obviously did NOT go to Jared's for his Christmas gift to his sweetheart this year. He's being sued by his long-time girlfriend for wasting her time and not following through with an actual marriage proposal.

The story of love lost actually takes place in Zambia. It seems that the 26 year old woman, Ngoma, filed suit against her 28 year old boyfriend, Salaliki. After eight years of dating, a child between them, and many promises to marry, he's never actually followed through and put a ring on it. His excuses for not proposing are the usual things like not being financially prepared for a wedding and taking care of a family. He also said that Ngoma was not giving him enough attention in the relationship.

Even though she has his child, she's still living with her parents while he has a place of his own.

Ngoma decided that after eight years of delays and excuses she'd had enough and took him to court for stringing her along and wasting her time. Did we mention that she also caught him texting another woman?

Things don't look too rosy for a happy Christmas for the young couple.

Sadly for Ngoma, the Zambian court system was unable to do anything for her as there was no formal, legal, marriage involved.

As my mother would have said, both of these people need to either poop or get off the pot and get on with their lives.

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