Talk about losing your temper.   One woman completely lost her cool, and got into a fight with a convenience store clerk, after a failed robbery attempt at a local gas station's store.

Last Friday night, Wichita Falls Police arrested Aaliyah Turner, and charged her with attempted robbery.  According to the police report, Turner stopped by the Yanira Mart at 1135 Central Freeway, and started demanding that the store’s clerk give her all the store’s money immediately.

Turner then completely lost it, when the clerk declined to give her a single cent.  She then apparently lashed out in anger, and started throwing random items, and merchandise at the store’s clerk. The two of them soon got into a physical altercation with one another, which led to Turner allegedly punching the clerk in the face.

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The convenience store clerk soon had enough of Turner’s antics, and ended up dragging her out of the store, before calling the police.  When law enforcement arrived, Turner was still outside the convenience store.  While Turner has been charged with attempted robbery, she was not carrying a firearm with her during the incident.

Wichita County Jail
Wichita County Jail

This woman’s actions show that she clearly has anger management issues.  I wouldn’t want to be around her when someone tells her “No”, and I definitely wouldn’t want to be the one to tell her “No”.  It looks like that she could completely blow a gasket, anytime she doesn’t get her way.  Thankfully the police were able to get to the store before the situation escalated any further.

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