By now you've probably heard the uproar over the Peloton Christmas commercial, some people actually hate it.

All the fuss got some people wondering just what most people would really think if they got a Peloton or some other exercise related gift for Christmas, so YouGov posed the question,


Would you be generally more insulted or pleased to receive a fitness-related gift (gym membership, home exercise equipment, etc.) this holiday season?


The results were just a little bit surprising based on the fuss about the commercial. It turns out that the most popular answer, 44 percent of adults questioned, didn't have an opinion one way or the other. The next most popular response was that they would be more pleased to get a fitness related gift. That came in at 38 percent overall. Those that would be insulted only came in at 7 percent.

The results vary a little bit based on age and region, but overall it looks like giving a fitness related gift wouldn't instantly send you to the dog house. Nobody knows your gift recipient better than you do, so if there's a fitness fan on your list go ahead and get them that new bike or workout gear they've been hinting about. If their idea of a workout is having to walk across the room to pick up the TV remote you'd probably be better off with something else.

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