The legendary WWE snack is finally making its return after a 12 year absence, this time in sandwich form.

The WWF ice cream bars were originally released in 1987, featuring the likeness of a WWF Superstar on the vanilla wafer side, and a trading card in the box. Sold at live events and in some grocery stores across the country, the final line of WWE ice cream bars was released in 2008. That looked to be the end of the bars, until CM Punk's public contract negotiation in 2011 where he told Vince McMahon he wanted it in his contract that the company would bring back the ice cream bars, resulting in the treats trending on Twitter and the bar being used on that year's TLC event poster with Punk,

It may be 9 years later, but I think the credit should go to Punk for helping get the ice cream bars, now ice cream sandwiches, back on shelves. As reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet, the new snacks were quietly added to Good Humor's website this week. Apart from the general shape and lack of a stick, the new snacks clearly differ from their predecessors by not including a chocolate wafer side. At least we still get the superstars printed on the wafers.

No word yet on when the WWE ice cream sandwiches will hit shelves, or which supermarkets will carry them.

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