The annual Top 100 for Texas just came out for 2023 and here are the places closest to us.

Keep Scrolling to See the Best in North Texas!

If you're curious about the full top 100 for Yelp in Texas, you can click here to check that that out. I took the liberty of pulling out the top ones for North Texas which we have 23 in the Top 100. Let's check them out and see what kind of food they serve.

Tic Taco (Arlington) Number 97 on the List

"The best Mexican food in Texas Quick, quantity and the best service in the neighborhood. Fast and good service. We consider ourselves experts on the subject; we are always accompanied by the most efficient, professional and timely staff to give you the satisfaction you deserve."

Mixtitos Kitchen (Dallas) Number 94 on the List

"Immerse yourself in a world where every bite is a story, where cultures converge on the plate, and where each moment spent with us is a celebration of flavors, aromas, and shared memories. With a symphony of tastes that dance on your palate, Mixtitos Kitchen Fusion Cuisine is more than a dining destination; it's a harmonious celebration of culinary artistry."

Weinbergers Deli (Grapevine) Number 93 on the List

"Voted Best Chicago Deli in the WORLD...Okay Best Chicago Deli in Texas. Our Chicago-style deli serves delicious meaty sandwiches and subs, including our most famous creation, the Italian Beef. We know that you will love any of our sandwiches. We offer a pretty large menu so there should be something that will catch your eye, if not ask for something special. You will love it!"

Ricky's Hot Chicken (Richardson) Number 86 on the List

Our journey began after founder Ricky had hot chicken for the first time. Coming from an engineering background, Ricky started by visiting Nashville and researching the history behind NHC (Nashville Hot Chicken). He started out of his garage and gave away hot chicken samples to as many people as he could so they could experience what he had the first time! The pure joy, passion and support from all over is what led to the creation of Ricky's!

Coco Shrimp (Fort Worth) Number 76 on the List

"While we all were attending BYU-Hawaii.  Over four, adventure-filled years, we fell in love with the laid back lifestyle of the North Shore of Oahu. We became enamored with the way food played such an important role in the Polynesian culture. By opening a shrimp truck just like the ones you can find on the North Shore. Now that food truck has turned into 4 restaurants and we are stoked to be able to bring a taste of Hawaii back to Texas."

Edmond's Burgers and More (Plano) Number 75 on the List

"Edmond's Burgers is a family-owned and operated restaurant located in Plano, Texas. We consistently strive to serve our community by providing a pleasant atmosphere where our customers can enjoy our delicious selection of classic American cuisine. Our head chef, Edmond, has over 20 years of experience in the culinary industry and is an expert at crafting unique and mouth-watering dishes. All of our burgers are made with premium, never-frozen ground beef and are cooked to perfection. Come visit us at Edmond's Burgers where you will always be served the very best with a smile!"

Mama Vickys Pupusas Y Mas (Plano) Number 72 on the List

(Note I don't speak Spanish so....can't really find a description of this place in English, the food speaks for itself)

Sourdough Bread Deli (Plano) Number 70 on the List

Sorry, no photos for this one, but you can check out their website here.

"At Sourdough Bread Deli, we believe in using the freshest ingredients possible. We bake our bread from scratch every morning using unbleached, non-bromated flour; our vegetables are chopped daily and never come from a package; and our meats and fish are fresh and never pre-cooked. Quality is always our priority!"

Komodo Loco (Denton) 69 (NICE!) on the List

"Komodo Loco is a local non-traditional Japanese restaurant that features dishes that derive their flavors from both Asian and Southwestern cooking techniques.  Asian fare, Texas twist. We provide fun, fresh cuisine that tastes amazing, is unique, with excellent friendly service. The dining experience here is a fun and relaxed vibe in a historic building off the downtown Denton square. Most of our menu is Tapas style and easily shareable. A seasonal cocktail bar also offering Japanese whisky, affordable sake, beer, and wine options."

Sky Rocket Burger (Dallas) 67 on the List

Koracha Thai Restaurant (Bedford) 61 on the List

"Koracha Thai Restaurant is a vibrant and authentic Thai dining experience that aims to bring the flavors and cultural richness of Thailand to its customers. We are dedicated to showcasing the diverse and enticing cuisine that Thailand has to offer."

Local Craft BBQ (Newark) 59 on the List

"It all begins and ends in the pit room on two custom built  smokers, on a constantly low temperature, burning wood that has become a staple in Texas BBQ…post oak. It’s a ritual that starts with a secret rub recipe and ends when we think it’s time to take it from the smoke bath we surround it with. Texas staples brisket, spare ribs, chicken and turkey are smoked daily along with some things that are not traditionally associated with Texas BBQ like pork belly and smoked bologna. Everything slow smoked and ready to be cut into magical planks of delicious goodness."

Tranky's Tacos (Garland) 46 on the List

"Made from scratch. Just like Tranky liked it."

Eggsquisite Cafe (Midlothian) 44 on the List

"Join us for great home-style cooking at our family owned locations."

1418 Coffee House (Plano) 41 on the List

"Craft brings artistry to the table. For us, it’s about more than just handing you a drink. It's about creating an experience."

Taste Community Restaurant (Fort Worth) 40 on the List

"Please join us at Taste Community Restaurant.  We have saved a seat just for you, and every detail is being organized so you feel right at home.  We want to meet you and meet your needs in a personal and meaningful way.  Whether that is a meal, or a friendly face, we hope to see you soon!"

Paparazzi Pizza (Carrolton) 39 on the List

"We provide a delicious Greek style menu that will titillate your taste buds and keep you coming back for more."

Hutchins BBQ (Frisco) 38 on the List

"Our mission has always been about serving the highest quality smoked meats and sides while providing excellent customer service. To ensure this we have built a culture where shortcuts are not allowed and customers come first. "

The Aussie Grind (Frisco) 26 on the List

"We’re excited to provide all y’all Texans the opportunity to experience our unique Australian cafe lifestyle. Traditionally, Aussies aren’t very serious, with the exceptions being coffee and breakfast. We pride ourselves in making these, the best we possibly can. "

Del Campo Empanadas (Fort Worth) 24 on the List

"From our handmade empanadas that we bake in house daily, to our delicate artisan pastries, we aspire to deliver a unique experience that truly represents our roots and culture. "

Sullivan Texas BBQ (Lewisville) 22 on the List

"Terry Sullivan has been smoking meat for more than 30 years. In a day when many BBQ restaurants have gone to electric smokers, Terry still smokes meat the “old school way”, in pits. Using only post oak wood for clean smoke, you can count on meat that is juicy, tender, full of flavor and clean."

EBESU Robata & Sushi (Plano) 18 on the List

"EBESU’s Robata utilizes high grade Japanese Binchotan charcoal to grill quality ingredients to perfection while Japanese artisanship is on full display in the preparation and presentation of the quality sushi and sashimi."

Ober Here (Fort Worth) 16 on the List

"We are a chef driven Filipino concept rice bowl slinging business. We started as a food truck back in April 2021 with the dream that we get to introduce Filipino comfort food to the people of Texas."

Mami Coco (Dallas) 10 on the List

That's all for North Texas, check out the full map of all 100 for the entire state here.

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