If you're someone that uses a credit card to pay your bills, this could affect you.

The Times Record News is reporting that the Wichita Falls City Council will be meeting tomorrow to discuss changing the terminology of Chapter 106, Utilities: Rates and Charges, Section 106-128, Credit Card Payments. Residents paying their water bills are charged a convenience fee when they use a credit card over the phone, at the kiosk or on the city website.

They want to change the terminology to a service fee because they want to also charge that fee at over counter payments as well. If you want to avoid this fee, the utilities collection department may offer customers a one-time $5 credit for signing up for automatic bank withdrawal. In case you did not know this, it costs a business a percentage of your sale to run a credit card.

That is why a lot of businesses have these processing, convenience, or service fees. The city estimates a possible savings of $70,000 for the budget. If you're still not happy about this, the meeting is scheduled for tomorrow (November 5, 2019) at 8:30 in the morning at in the City Council Chambers Memorial Auditorium 1300 Seventh Street.

The city also puts all of its city council meetings on YouTube. 

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