It seems there is no aspect of modern life that has not been impacted one way or another by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Dating in the 21st century was already complicated, now it's even more difficult. And we have some new terms to describe how things are being done whether those things be good, bad, or just plain ugly.

According to Fox News these new terms come to us by way of the language learning app Babbel.

Lets look at a few of these new terms and slang words as we head into Valentine's Weekend.

If' you've been Zumped you may not be feeling to great about yourself but at least you're not stressing about what to give your (former) sweetheart this weekend. Getting Zumped is getting dumped, not in person or with an actual voice call, but over a Zoom conversation.

Short of being Zumped you may simply be Corona-zoned or Lockblocked. When a couple is Corona-zoned at least one of the parties involved is holding off on the physical side of the relationship because of the fear of spreading or contracting the virus. Getting Lockblocked is when you actually had a real, live, physical, in person date set up then someone changed the rules and you're back in lockdown mode. Your date has effectively been Lockblocked.

Let's say you actually find someone you want to know better and they want to know you better, too. The old standbys of meeting up at a coffee shop or bar are pretty much out of the question, so you agree to go on an On-nomi date. This is actually a Japanese term for getting together online via Zoom or some other video chatting app and sharing drinks separately together.

That, of course, requires that neither party involved has FODA. Unlike FOMA, Fear of Missing Out, FODA is the Fear of Dating Again. Whether in person or virtually, some people just aren't ready to put themselves out there.

Then there are terms for those who are fortunate enough to actually have a sweetheart to see them through the pandemic. That would be your Quarantine Bae, someone you're dating exclusively throughout the quarantine period and hopefully longer. Perhaps that person started as a Quarantionship, a relationship that started during a period of lockdown and literally developed virtually over time.

Whatever you do, though, do not let your happiness with your Quarantine Bae let you slip into Smugsolation. That's when you flaunt your happiness all over social media to the annoyance of everyone else.

Will the pandemic ever end? Will your Quarantionship last outside of lockdown? Hopefully the answer to both is yes.

Try not to think too hard about it and enjoy your Valentine's Day weekend whatever your relationship status may be.

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