Nebulas: The Arrival has arrived at the Wichita Theatre.

Luis Rivera, one of the percussionists in the cast tells us that the show is a combination of Stomp, the Blue Man Group, Blast and Cirque du Soleil with a world class light show, unique hand-crafted instruments and more.

Well, why don't I just stop typing and let you listen to what Luis had to say when he stopped by the Lonestar studios Friday afternoon?



The Wichita Theatre in downtown Wichita Falls is world's very first opportunity to see this exciting new show. There are several performances planned between now and June 9th, to pick your show and purchase a ticket, visit the Wichita Theatre website or call them at 940.723.9037.

Click here to visit the official Nebulas website.

Click here to visit the Wichita Theatre website.

Dave D.