There's nothing quite like live theatre for an evening (or afternoon) of entertainment, and by all accounts, Nunsense, now playing at the Wichita Theatre in downtown Wichita Falls, is a blast.

While I’ve not seen the show yet, the Wichita Theatre website tells me that Nunsense begins when the Little Sisters of Hoboken discover that their cook, Sister Julia, Child of God, has accidentally poisoned 52 of the sisters, and those remaining are in dire need of funds for the burials.

The sisters decide that the best way to raise the money is to put on a variety show, which includes tap dancing, which made for some interesting rehearsals, which Lynn Marshall tells us about in the audio below. To do this, they take over the school auditorium, which is, of course,  currently set up for the eighth grade production of Grease. Hey, it all makes perfectly good sense to me.

Nunsense features an all star cast of local actresses with Nancy Brasfield, Debbie Barrow, Allison Fernberg, Abbie James and Joy Schaffer singing and dancing their way through the show.

Lynn Marshall is the producer of the show and he stopped by our studios the other day to tell us what to expect.

Click here to listen to the first part of our conversation.

Click here to listen to the second part of our conversation.

You've only got two weekends to see this show, so contact the Wichita Theatre to make your reservations now!

Dave D.