We're not easy to offend, but can it be done? We shall see!

I came across a post on Reddit today where the author was asking to be roasted based on being a Texan. As is typical with these sorts of things, some of the comments are on-the-nose hurtful, some are a swing-and-a-miss, and some are downright hilarious.

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I'm going to give five of my favorite comments a rank from 1 to 10, With one being not offended at all and ten being the most offended. These are in no particular order.

This gets a 5 because nobody in Texas actually cares that Alaska is bigger.  But that sh*t you said about Tennessee having better BBQ sauce, that's not cool, man.

Meh. You're saying we don't know how to read?  NASA is here, I think we have some readers in the state. Not offended at all.


Oof, this one hurts.  Our electric grid failures are a major source of embarrassment for us.  We used to brag that we had our own grid and could operate if the rest of the country went down. Now, not so much.


Alright, this one gets a 9 because it's damn funny.  You can't deny a good roast.


Ok, that's actually not funny at all.  If I ever find out who made this comment, so help me. Sir, you have NEVER had better brisket in Oklahoma.  That's just false. Blatantly False.

Check out the page here for the entire list of "insults."

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